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We offer all engine machine shop related services.
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Engine Machine Shop Services
Align and Bore Block
Assemble Short Block
Assemble Big Block
Assemble Short Block - with heads & intake
Assemble Big Block - with heads & intake
Balance Engine
Bore Block with torque plate
Block Resurfacing
Camshaft balancing, grinding and polishing
Clean Motor
Clean and Mic Pistons
Chamfer Oil Holes
Check and Mic Engine Block
Check Bore Line
Check Rods
Check Rod Side Clearance
Cut Deck of Block
Cut out Top Grooves in Cylinder Walls
Cut Ring Gap
Degree Cam
Engine Assembly
Engine Cleaning and Degreasing
Engine Kits
Engine Rebuild
Fit Piston Pin Bushing on Rods
Flywheel surfacing and rebalancing
Hone Cylinder Walls
Install Cam Bearings
Install Cylinder Sleeve
Install Freeze plugs
Install Rod Bolts
Line Bore Block
Machine Flywheel
Magnaflux Block (Crack Detection)
Magnaflux Rods
Magnaflux Shaft
Polish Rods
Polish & Mic Crankshaft
Press Rod on Piston
Recondition Rods
Shot Peen Rods
Turn Crankshaft
*additional engine services available

Cylinder Head Machine Shop Services
Angle Cut Heads
Clean Cylinder Heads
CC and Cut Cylinder Heads
CC Heads
Cut Spring Pads
Cut for Screw in Studs
Install Valve Guides
Install Bronze Guide Liners
Install Valve Seats
Knurlize Guides
Magnaflux Heads
Match Intake Ports
Match Exhaust Ports
Port and Polish Heads
Pressure Check
Recondition Heads
Setup Valve Springs
Surface Heads
Three - Angle Cut Valve Job
Undercut Valve Seats
*additional cylinder head services available
These engines are fully blueprinted and balanced.  All machining is custom with the finest equipment on the market.   
Blocks are honed with a Sunnen SV-10 with honing plate for perfect ring seals. Standard stroke engines use stock
crankshafts custom ground to factory tolerances.  All stoker engines have all new rotating assemblies.  Blocks are all
bored and have new pistons.
All engines are dyno tested

LS2 Engine
Bored, line honed, true decked, custom valve job, reconditioned rods and crank, carburetor intake, Comp Cams
thumper cam & lifters, hyperutectic pistons and moly rings, new valve springs.
420 Torque and 450 HP
All engines are dyno tested
LS1 Engine
Same as above Dyno tested $5995.00  460 Torque 525 HP

496 BBC
Bored, decked, line honed, marine based block, 320 RHS aluminum heads, new forged, crank and rods, Weisco pro
tru street pistons, total seal rings, dual plane aluminum intake, HEI distributor, Melling oil pump, android oil pan,
chrome timing cover, Comp Cam thumper cam, hyd. Roller lifter, polished cast, valve covers, true roller timing chain,
Fel Pro gaskets, GM harmonic balance, flex plate, aluminum roller rocker arms, Manley/ ARP bolts.
625 Torque 595 HP
$7995.00 Dyno Tested

Now Coating Pistons

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